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Private Property Towing

Say "NO" to unwated vehicles! Unlimited Towing Services provides a higher level of property security by reducing the number of vehicles that park on your private property without permission. Have unwated vehicles towed away today!


Towing Enforcement

Private Property Towing

Parking on Grass

Parking on grass can damage private property and curve appeal

Parking Without Permit

Visitors taking up parking spaces can be a problem for paying tenants

Driveway Blocking

Vehicles blocking driveways or left unattended can become a road hazard

No tag vehicles

Non-compliant Vehicles should not be allowed to occupy private property

Broken Down Vehicles

Vehicles with mechanical failure are an eye sore for buyers and property owners

Illegal Parking

Towing of illegally parked vehicles should be enforced to deter others from copying

Misuse of Property

Enforce proper use of private property grounds by owners and visitors

Abandoned Vehicles

Cars abandoned on private property are an eye sore and can result in vandalism

"NO" Unwated Vehicles Allowed

Any Vehicles Not Permitted On Private Property or Without Parking Permit Will Be Towed!

Ask Us About Our Property Signage

Unlimited towing provides signage options for property owners to display on their property. 

What to do if your vehicle has been towed by Unlimited Towing Services?

If your vehicle was parked in a towing zone and you suspect it might have been towed by Unlimited Towing Services, please contact (786) 704-5709 to verify that we have your vehicle or go to 24005 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead, FL 33032 to recover your vehicle. You will need to bring proof of vehicle ownership and a valid driver’s license.

My vehicle was towed with my proof of ownership inside, what do I do?

If your vehicle was towed by Unlimited Towing Services with your proof of ownership inside the vehicle, a company employee will assist you in retrieving your documentation. Please contact Unlimited Towing Services at (786) 704-5709 for more information.

How much does it cost to have my vehicle released if it's been towed?

Prices vary. If you suspect your vehicle might have been towed by Unlimited Towing Services, please contact (786) 704-5709 for cost information or you can come to our location at or go to 24005 S Dixie Hwy, Homestead, FL 33032 and one of our staff members will assist you.

My vehicle was towed accidently, what do I do?

All vehicles towed by Unlimited Towing Services, are done so with the approval and at the request of the property or business. For more information on why your vehicle was towed, please contact (786) 704-5709 for more information.